Garage Door Motor Installation

Safety Precautions You Need to Know Before, During and After Garage Door Motor Installation

There are several types of garage doors available in the market today. These doors have an electric motor driven by a lifting device – a belt or chain which is fastened on the door. You can hire an expert to install the garage door motor in your door, but you need to pay certain fees. The task of installing the door is one job that you can do if you are an expert DIYer. If you have decided to carry out the task on your own, here are some garage door motor installation tips to help you out.


The most popular type of opener has its motor installed over the area where the vehicle is parked. Although this type is functional, its location is a disadvantage in some garages because it can block the ceiling area.

The safety precaution tips in this article are based on the garage door motor installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The procedures in installing the garage door motor may vary depending on who the manufacturer is. There are some safety precautions before, during and after installation that you need to know.


Safety Precautions Before Installation

The first thing you need to do before installing the motor is to check if the door is functioning properly and is well lubricated. The garage door’s weight is supported by the cables, pulleys and springs and not the opener. It is clearly stated on the garage door motor installation guidelines that you should not install the opener if you cannot lower and raise the door manually. You need to find a reliable garage door repair company to fix the problem first.


Do not remove or alter the garage door’s pulleys, springs or cables. If you have doors with torsion springs it should only be serviced by a trusted service technician. Make sure that you have removed all the cords or ropes attached to the garage door so it won’t get in your CAy during installation.


Safety Precautions During Installation

The power unit should be installed high enough so that taller people won’t run into it. The ideal height mentioned in the garage door motor installation guidelines is at least 7 ft. from the floor.

In case you need to install permanent electrical wiring, turn off the power first at the main breaker box. To avoid electrical shock make sure that you connect the power cord of the garage door opener.
You should install the push button control five inches from the floor so that small children will not be able to reach it and those operating can see it easily.


Make sure that you adjust the electric eye system and the safety reverse system properly. Check the garage door motor installation guidelines for details.

Safety Precautions After Installation

  • Don’t allow the children to play with the motor. Make sure that the transmitter is in the area that is not accessible to children. 
  • Don’t pass under a moving garage door.
  • Operate the door only when it is free from any obstructions.
  • Check the electric eye and the safety reverse system once a month, and carry out the needed adjustment.


Check the manual operation of the door regularly.